Logitrans achieves very satisfactory result again

Logitrans achieves very satisfactory result again…

"With great respect for all our employees and with great pride we present a very satisfactory 2016 result for the Logitrans Group", says a pleased and proud Gitte Kirkegaard, CEO at Logitrans A/S. "The past two years we have presented profit records. However, for 2016 we do not, but this is due to extraordinary investments in upgrading our ERP system. If we leave these investments aside, we also in 2016 present profit records, very close to tens of millions.”

"Our turnover ended up as close to the budget as possible and with a growth of 10% compared to 2015. This shows us that it is important to have a common objective. The largest percentage growth came from the French market, but the German market remains our largest export market. In general, 9 of our 10 focus markets contributed to the growth of both top and bottom lines”, Gitte Kirkegaard continues.

Both owners and employees are very pleased about the result, and the good bottom line makes an even faster and better development of the company easier. Both Gitte and her sister, Dorte, have considerable focus on the development of the company. The Logitrans Group consists of the headquarter in Ribe, a manufacturing company in China and a sales office in Chicago. All three units contributed positively to the 2016 result. The Logitrans objective for 2017 is a continued 10% increase of turnover, compared to the 2016 turnover.

"We always try to be the preferred supplier of our dealers. It should be easy to sell our products, and we always focus on this. At the same time, we want to be the leading manufacturer concerning product development within our industry. As a relatively small player in the market, we can make a big difference to our customers”, Gitte Kirkegaard ends the interview.

Logitrans has 75 employees in Denmark, one in Germany, one in France, 55 in China and 5 in the USA. Half of the turnover is manufactured in Denmark, especially stainless products, custom-built products and small product series. Larger series and less complex products are manufactured in China.